MACH 5 Digital Mortgage

Digital Home Loans are Here

  • Simply Apply Online by clicking the Apply Now button below these instructions. We will receive an email once you have completed your application and call you with any questions we may have.
  • No up front documents are required to underwrite the loan.  We will send you a eConsent and loan disclosures to be executed electronically. Once you have signed an intent to proceed, we move your loan to underwriting, collect an appraisal fee and lock in your interest rate if your under contract. If you do not have a home yet, that’s OK too.  We will get your loan Pre-Approved and hold off on the appraisal fee and locking in your rate until you are under contract.  We can verify employment and deposits digitally.
  • Your loan is then fully underwritten for Loan Approval or Pre-Approval by our underwriter. Once approved, we collect conditions and credit documents required by the underwriter. The underwriter will review the requested documents and clear the loan to close once all of the conditions are met.  
  • Loan approval will be subject to title work, appraisal, survey, and fully executed contract of sale.
  • Closing documents are prepared once your loan is cleared to close from underwriting.  You may sign closing documents electronically by mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer. Once signed the loan will fund and you will get your keys.