Virtual Meetings, The New Norm Today

Interesting times. Wow! How do we keep moving and winning?

Let’s talk meetings for a minute. Meetings are crucial to an organization’s success. With the COVID-19 virus and the recommendations to limit group gatherings, meetings will look very different over the next few weeks or months, which means virtual meetings are a must now.

Thankfully there are plenty of programs out there already that allow you to do just this like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts. This will become a vital part of how we all operate.

Our team has been utilizing virtual meetings for years, and now is the time for all of us to step up our strategy behind them. 

During this time, it’s still important to educate, train, motivate and inspire our teams to improve their personal performance. As we navigate these waters together, King Financial Group, Inc. and our team can support you and your team.

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