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Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper

Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper
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April 24, 2019

Five years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find wallpaper in any design magazine or model home. But today? That tried-and-true wall covering is back.

Don’t mistake its resurgence for a nod toward vintage styling, though.

Today’s options are modern and sleek. From bold metallics and geometric shapes to elegant botanicals and exposed stone (or concrete or brick) effects, there’s something for everyone.

No longer just a way to cover barren walls, wallpaper is now cropping up in every area of the house.

Are you thinking of using wallpaper to upgrade your home’s style? Try one of these creative uses:

Cover the ceiling.

Wallpaper on the walls? That’s expected. But wallpaper on the ceiling? Now that’s a way to add visual interest. You can even use it strategically to highlight a light fixture or other overhead feature.

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Line shelves and cabinets with it.

Give your built-in shelves, bookcases, cabinets and drawers a pop of color by lining them with swatches of patterned or solid-toned wallpaper.

A nice little bonus? It will help keep them clean, too.

Frame it and hang it on a wall.

A bright, bold wallpaper can make for a beautiful piece of artwork. Cover a canvas and attach a complementary frame, and it can pull together the color palette in any room.

Use it on the furniture.

Forget sanding and staining your wooden furniture to give it a new look. Instead, line the top with a textured wallpaper to make it more eye-catching. It works on tables, dressers, entertainment centers and more.

Wallpaper is once again a hot design trend, but now it takes so many forms. Want to incorporate it into your home? Reach out today for a referral to a local design expert.

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